Errekappa Euroterapici’s commitment to health

The philosophy that guides the work of Errekappa Euroterapici is based on three foundations: (1) development of innovative products with efficacy clinically proven, (2) continuous training of medical sales force to maintain high cultural standards, (3) constant dialogue with the medical community through tools of high scientific value.

1989 - 2000

Errekappa Euroterapici has an history that goes back almost sixty years. It was founded in the 60s and quickly became a reference company in the cardiovascular sector following the launch of critical molecules such as amlodipine (Antacal®), doxazosin (Normothen®) and atenol (Atenol®). In 1989, the current company was established.

2000 - 2014

Over the years, Errekappa Euroterapici commitment to the cardiovascular area has continued over time with the launch of innovative fixed combinations for the treatment of high blood pressure.

During this period, the company developed food supplements for the treatment of dyslipidemia (RISCOL®) and for energy support dedicated to people with impaired motor function and asthenia (ANASTEN®).


ERREFLOG® mouthwash containing nimesulide.


In the last fifteen years, Errekappa Euroterapici focus its attention on the development of commodities in the field of clinical nutrition, giving rise to products aimed to avoid the malnutrition in people with chronic systemic diseases. Preclinical and clinical studies published in specialist journals in the field demonstrated the efficacy on a specific cluster of amino acids: Aminotrofic® was created.


Errekappa Euroterapici is engaged in the continuous research of other products in the field of clinical nutrition (the post ictus stages, after major surgery, cancer patients and immunosuppressed patients). In addition to the Aminoglutam® product (Aminolglutam NE® and Aminoglutam GEL®), in which the presence of glutamine boosts the care of fragile patients, several products to boost the immune response and support fragile patients are commercialized.


RILASSANDO® is launched. A food supplement for the maintenance of cognitive function (attention span, memory, and mood) based on whey milk protein: Lactium. Lactium improves the synthesis of neurotransmitters that regulate cognitive function and the circadian rhythm (sleep and wakefulness, satiety, and appetite, etc…).


A new field in which Errekappa Euroterapici is working with great commitment is the alteration of microbiota, which cause the onset or aggravation of diseases affecting various sites of the body (muscles, kidney, heart, and brain). PROXIAN® helps to maintain the balance of gut microflora, which can be impaired by bad food habits, organic factors, or antibiotics. PROXIAN® is a food supplement based on gastro-resistant micro-encapsulated probiotics together with ingredients Owith synergistic effect.


The year 2020 saw the relaunch of Errekappa Euroterapici in cardiology area, with pharmacological combinations for the treatment
of hypertension and dyslipidemia.