Greater attention is being paid to the role of “microcirculation”, since its impairment seems to be the basis of many pathological processes.

The microcirculation is made up of a complex network of capillaries, in which the arterial circulation meets the venous circulation. It is the site of essential activities: oxygen, nutrients and the active ingredients of drugs are carried to the tissues and organs (in the arterial microcirculation), and these tissues and organs are cleansed of the toxins and waste substances that obstruct normal blood flow, and thereby threaten the health of our body.

Microcirculation decreases considerably as we age. Although this is a completely natural process, in some people it can be accelerated by certain factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, excess weight and obesity, hypertension, high levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides.

The consequences of poor microcirculation may include weakening of the immune defences, an increase in oxidative stress, ageing of the skin, chronic weakness and tiredness, development of vitamin and mineral salt deficiencies, an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases (thrombosis, embolism, strokes, cerebral ischaemia, heart attacks, etc.)

In order to improve the microcirculation, it is essential to address the causes and risk factors mentioned above.

With its dedicated range of supplements and cosmetics, Errekappa Euroterapici is helping to maintain normal function of the blood vessels.

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