For over 20 years, Errekappa Euroterapici has been advocating for the importance of clinical nutrition and, due to a thorough study of metabolism and nutrients, it is offering unique solutions that help maintain the psycho-physical balance of the individual and aid the recovery of fragile patients

What is clinical nutrition?


We can talk about “nutrition” when diet provides a supply of substances (called nutrients) whose specific biological action actively interacts with the body to keep it healthy. Some nutrients can strengthen the immune defences, others help to preserve cognitive faculties, others help to control inflammation, etc.

It is not always easy to obtain all the necessary nutrients from our food alone. Sometimes it helps to resort to food supplements or foods for special medical purposes that provide an adequate, qualitatively controlled supply of amino acids, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.


To find out which supplement or food for special medical purposes is best suited to your needs, it is important to know the essential nutrients or rely on the safe guidance of a specialist in nutrition science.

From Clinical Nutrition to Metabolic Rehabilitation:

Errekappa Euroterapici is an expert in clinical nutrition and metabolic dynamics, particularly the systemic function of nutrients such as essential amino acids and probiotics.

Supported by concrete scientific evidence, Errekappa Euroterapici is promoting Metabolic Rehabilitation. This is a new approach to personal treatment that considers health problems holistically and uses specific nutrient supplements to regulate the metabolism.

The aim of Metabolic Rehabilitation is to supplement the diet with the substrates and elements necessary for survival, and to regulate the metabolic mechanisms in order to reverse the proteolytic and inflammatory processes that tend to weaken the body, to the advantage of saccharolytic processes and the regulation of inflammation, leading to recovery of the performance of the individual in terms of motor, immune and cognitive function.


Errekappa Euroterapici has carried out extensive research on the mitochondria (the tiny energy batteries in our cells), and on the microbiome and the microbiota.

Metabolic Rehabilitation is a synergistic, combined approach based on nutrients which, on the one hand, are targeted at the regulation of the body’s energy, musculature, immune system, and cognitive function (particularly due to specific amino acids and nutrients such as colostrum, bergamot or fermented red rice derivatives) and, on the other hand, probiotics selected from specific bacterial strains that act by restructuring the barrier function of the intestine.


Metabolic Rehabilitation is an approach that can be varied according to individual requirements and used in many aspects of healthcare: the treatment of fragile patients with severely compromised metabolisms or sarcopenia, patients suffering from dyslipidemia or severe stress, and as a dietary support for individuals following a low-calorie programme or people who practise sports and wish to improve their physical performance.


Metabolic Rehabilitation is a treatment strategy based on supplements and foods for special medical purposes, which has been approached and studied by Errekappa Euroterapici with the same passion and dignity as its drug-based products.